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What’s up Houston?
Last news from La Base, business tips, our members testimonies, our story and our values…
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La Base by CCI 19

La Base is also an alliance with the CCI and INISUP teams: an additional asset for the development of your business and the performance of your teams.

Economic collaborative workspace


In Brive, we put at your disposal

Located in the heart of Brive and created by the CCI Corrèze, La Base offers to nomadic workers, project managers, entrepreneurs, free-lancers, students or employees… workspaces to rent which allows to work in a collaborative dynamic.


Open spaces to rent hourly, half a day or daily

Individual offices

To work alone or in small groups (4 max.) in a confidential and quiet space.


Connected flexible spaces, furnished with collaborative tools.


To organize your professional events: seminars, colloquiums, workshops…

That’s one small step for man.
One giant leap for La Base.

Our upcoming events:
conferences, afterwork, thematic workshops…
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24déc(déc 24)0h0002jan(jan 2)7h00FERMETURE FIN D’ANNÉE

10jan17h0019h00Atelier VAE - Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience

18jan19h0022h00Soirée S'Team

19jan9h0011h00Google Ateliers Numériques : Quelles nouvelles opportunités professionnelles offre le numérique ?

20jan19h0022h00Soirée Olymp Asset Management

23jan9h0012h00Réunion GPME

23jan17h0021h00Réunion SPST 19-24 & association des Experts-comptables de Corrèze

24jan14h0018h00Comité Initiative Corrèze

24jan18h0021h00Soirée We Girls

27jan17h0021h00Lancement de la Banque de l'Orme

30jan9h0012h00Atelier Micro-entreprise


03fév12h0013h00Atelier : Prenez en main votre carrière - Tout public

06fév(fév 6)9h0010(fév 10)17h005 Jours pour Entreprendre

10fév7h0010h00Entrepreneurs 100% Gaillards - Réunion "invité"

16fév9h0011h00Google Ateliers Numériques : Comment installer et utiliser le Google Analytics nouvelle génération ?

20fév14h0017h00Conférence cybersécurité

21fév14h0018h00Comité Initiative Corrèze

23fév17h0020h00Rencontre "Santé des dirigeants"

28fév9h0013h00Atelier "We Girls"

What’s up Houston?

Last articles from La Base, business tips, members testimonies, our story and our values…
It all starts here!

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… innovation:

Innovate… Yes, but how?

Our complete archive: the expert conference, the case study, HR support for your resources… Everything  you wanted to know (or not) on the subject.